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12 eur/person

 Ula-Hansu Tourism Farm is suitable for those who seek 
for cool sea breezes and the untouched beauty of nature

 Ula-Hansu Tourism Farm started accommodating tourists in the summer of 2007. Our guests are free to use the three and four person cabins along with the sauna and the outdoor kitchen. Thanks to its geographical position the farm is suitable for all those who love the sea, peace and silence and the untouched nature of Saaremaa, where the only thing that wakes you in the warm summer mornings is the singing of birds. If you spend your vacation with us in the ancient fishermen's village you will have the opportunity to take part of the traditional coast-fishing trips and boat rides on the Sutu bay. You can either grill your catch or try the local tradition of cooking the fish in a wood smoke oven.
 Since the beginning of spring 2010 we also produce firewood. We are situated just 16 km out of Kuressaare on the Vätta peninsula in the Suure-Rootsi village.

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